Our Favourite Celebs making their mark in the Beauty World!

It is evident to see in the beauty world today that almost anyone can have an input. From start-up businesses to household names the industry is forever growing and evolving. For us at least, we cannot help but become excited when one of our favourite celebs decides to release a new brand of products. It also fills us with joy that even though we are based in Aberdeen, the access to buying these products is become more frequent, as well as the commonality of buying these online and being delivered to our doorsteps!

Fenty Beauty

It was almost revolutionary when global star Rihanna announced she was releasing her own cosmetic brand ‘Fenty Beauty’. When the brand launched in 2017 it was stated that the icon wished for everyone to be included in the beauty world and be able to use her products comfortably. Rihanna achieved this by introducing new shades of products suited for all skin types, something that is normally criticised within the industry. Although this was a huge success, the brand wasn’t available for purchase within the area of Aberdeen. This problem was resolved in 2019 when ‘Boots’ announced they were to stock the beloved products in their stores, like fan favourites such as the ‘Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer’ and many more, allowing us to be able to indulge with the very reasonably priced products and believe the hype.


Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer’ – £17 available at Boots and Makeupalley.com.
Photo source: makeupalley.com


Florence by Mills

The 16-year-old superstar Millie Bobby Brown who rose to fame on the award-winning show ‘Stranger Things’, released a makeup and skincare brand in August of 2019 which she called ‘Florence by Mills’. The range meets all your makeup product needs, covering all bases, as well as a multitude of skincare products. All of her products are cruelty free, vegan and free of phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances because she felt passionate about creating products that were engineered with care and lined up with her moral standards. As well as this, Millie wanted to ensure the products as affordable as possible to make them accessible to younger people who don’t have the budget to spend a lot on more high-end beauty brands.

Although the range is targeted more towards a younger audience, her products have received good reviews from beauty bloggers so far with some of the most popular products being her ‘swimming under the eyes gel pads’ (£34). These pads are designed to reduce puffy, tired eyes and leave the skin feeling moisturised. Bloggers admit these are the ultimate chilled night in accessory, and if you aren’t already convinced, the pads are shaped like whales – it doesn’t get better than that! Another favourite is her ‘cheek me later cream blush’ (£14) which is said to be easy to apply, buffing into the skin well without leaving a sticky feeling which is often the case with many cream blushes.

All of Millie’s products are available to buy with Boots UK and Ulta Beauty. They are definitely worth a try if you’re looking for reliable, everyday products that don’t leave your skin feeling cakey, and don’t break the bank!

Swimming under the eyes gel pads £34
photo source: cosmetics.com

Cheek me later cream blush £14
photo source picclick.co.uk



Bare by Vogue Williams 

In today’s society tanning is something we all love and achieving that perfect glow without the damage of using a sun bed is what we all desire.  With so many tanning brands available, supermodel and reality star Vogue Williams has entered the game with her own brand ‘Bare by Vogue Williams’. These new and vibrant solutions available online are set to have you sporting a fresh tan all year round! With available shades ranging in Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark. Approaching tanning with a twist Vogue has included Goji Berry, Oatmeal, Chamomile, Pomegranate and Grapefruit within the product to ensure a natural feel and glowing tan result. ‘Bare by Vogue’ ranges in the product form of tanning lotions, instant tan and even a tan eraser, for when you are ready to start from scratch again!  This tanning solution is set to appeal to all and be a huge success.


Bare by Vogue Williams instant tan shade Medium – available at barebyvogue.com for £15.30


Victoria Beckham Beauty

Also released in 2019 was Victoria Beckham Beauty. Posh teased the collection for over year before the official release of the products using the hashtags #CleanBeauty and #NotPerfect. The release of the products proved to be a hit and was described as being “a unique synergy between the worlds of beauty and fashion”. A couple of products even sold out within the first day of the launch. 

The collection itself boasts class and luxury, which is unsurprising and couldn’t be more fitting to Posh! It was created with busy lifestyles in mind, so should be easily popped into your handbag. Just like Florence by Mills, the collection is cruelty free. 

Some of the most products available with her collection are the ‘smoky eye brick’ eyeshadow palette (£48), which is only fitting as Posh has always been known for her beautifully subtle smoky eye. This palette is available in four shades, with VB’s personal favourite being ‘signature’ for an everyday look. If you want to bring more glamour to the eye, then the ‘lid lustre’ (£28) crystal infused eyeshadow is for you! This shadow also comes in four shades, and is 60% infused with pearlescent pigment so you can only imagine how fabulous it is! Another must-try in her collection is her lip collection, ‘bitten lip tint’ (£30) which can be paired beautifully with the ‘lip definer’ lip pencil (£18). This collection is said to be inspired by her own nude lip, giving a rosy tint to the lips and is said to compliment all skin tones whilst leaving your lips feeling plump and moisturised. Reviews also confirm that it is long lasting, so definitely a must-have in your handbag for a busy day. 

Victoria’s luxurious collection can be purchased exclusively on her online store.


Smokey eye brick £48
Photo Source: chicprofile.com

Lid Lustre £28
Photo source: thefemaleculture.com

Bitten Lip £30
Photo Source victoriabeckhambeauty.com

Lip definer £18
Photo source: victoriabeckhambeauty.com


We hope you enjoy using these products as much as we have

Abbie & Chloe x

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