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Say hello to BeautyBooker, a dedicated tech company for you, the Scottish hair & beauty industry.
Developed by Scottish Business Woman of the Year 2019.


North-east Scotland’s first ever dedicated hair & beauty booking apps. Then came the Scotland-wide BeautyBooker Training Hub.

And the UK-wide BeautyBooker Premises Finder.
Now, BeautyBooker is so much more.

We are your people. And you won’t know how you lived without us.

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Like to make a statement?

So do we.

Wonder who’s behind it all?

Let us introduce the original beauty booker, Kate Stott…

When Kate Stott couldn’t find a last-minute nail appointment, she set out on a mission to connect Scottish hair, beauty, nail and spa businesses with those who use their services – all in one place. Since launching the BeautyBooker Apps back in 2019, Kate has unveiled additional platforms to ensure those within the Hair & Beauty Industry in the UK have the appropriate tech tools to help make working life easier. BeautyBooker now boasts a training platform and premises finder for those looking to upskill or find their next working premises.

As well as masterminding these all-encompassing online tools during the pandemic, Kate led 1,700 hair and beauty businesses through the global crisis. The BeautyBooker COVID-19 Support Group Scotland provided much-needed comfort and guidance to industry professionals on topics ranging from business to mental health, whilst Kate personally lobbied those in government power to ensure the hair and beauty sector was on the agenda.

To date BeautyBooker boasts multi award wins with Kate also winning Scottish Businesswoman of the Year & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year.

This is why everyone’s talking about us…

A national community of people like you

The Beauty Booker COVID-19 Support Group Scotland led 1,700 of you through the global crisis and it’s here to stay.
With support and guidance on everything from business to mental health, it’s the only place to be if you want your share of the nation’s hair & beauty voice.
Join the community with just one click and find your people in seconds.

Your booking system’s new BFF

We’re working on something new, watch this space.
Coming Soon: Search all the hottest local salons with just one click and book their flawless finish in seconds.

Your new career cheerleader

Whether you want to kickstart or power up your career, BeautyBooker Training Hub has all the hair, beauty, nail and spa training you need, when you need it.
All in one place, super-easy to use and 100% tried, tested and trusted.
Search all the top training providers with just one click and book your dream course in seconds.

Your marketing hero

Our totally top-notch tech and clever marketing intel means loads of free business and marketing essentials for you, plus profit-boosting tips, tricks and advice.
Join the ultimate Hair & Beauty community with just one click and get inspired in seconds.

Your estate agent

Find your next hair & beauty workspace when you need it – quick, easy and all in one place with BeautyBooker’s Premises Finder.
It’s the only way to find the perfect place for your business to grow.
Search all available spaces with just one click. Secure your new home in seconds.

You're going to love it here...

“A truly unique platform to advance your business and work alongside people you may never have otherwise.”

Jenny Gray, Jenny Gray Makeup

“BeautyBooker is constantly promoting our business and we’d highly recommend.”

Antonia, Aberdeen Beauty Clinic


BeautyBooker decoded…

It’s all about YOU, and supercharging your business. For too long the hair & beauty industry has gone unnoticed and unsupported. BeautyBooker is flipping it. We’re your champion. We’re your cheerleader. We want to empower you. We’ll give you the tech and support you need to explore, experiment with and enjoy what you do.

100%! Your bookings will be boosted whether you’re starting from scratch or using us alongside a sophisticated system. Stay tuned – The ultimate booking tool is on its way!

It’ll totally enhance your existing booking software – more clients for less effort and no need for frantic last-minute discounts on your Insta Stories. Coming Soon

It’s the only directory in the UK that’ll connect you with fun, friendly and – most importantly – TRUSTED training providers to up your career game. You can browse and book 24/7, manage your bookings in one place and be confident you’re investing in tried, tested and totally trusted training.

Absolutely! You can start, advance and refine your hair & beauty career here. So, whether you’re dipping your toe in the water or adding the finishing touches to a very grand plan, we promise you’ll find a package to suit.

Lots – more promo, more bookings and more students! It’s the only directory that’ll pull in bookings galore and supercharge your training business. Just log in to update your courses and price lists, and manage real-time bookings. It couldn’t be easier.

Yes! In fact, with thousands of potential premises just three clicks away, it’s the only tool you’ll need. Fast, easy and all in one place, you can search, browse and secure your space instantly. Plus, you’ll be first to hear about newly available hair & beauty premises.

The UK’s first ever dedicated hair & beauty premises finder, you can forget endlessly advertising your space. We’ll share it on our platform, market it to our massive community of industry professionals and include it in our social posts and mailshots. It’s the ultimate way to find new tenants, and supercharge your salon with a sprinkling of fresh talent.

About BeautyBooker

The biggest game-changer since GHDs…

“Wow – what a business! BeautyBooker is going to take the country by storm.
They’ve made booking your appointment an absolute doddle.” National Business Womens’ Awards

what we do for salons & freelancers:

More promo, more bookings, more clients

Whether it’s for ten minutes’ or ten months’ time, manage ALL your must-have hair & beauty bookings IN ONE PLACE.

what we do for hair & beauty lovers:

The appointments you need, when you need them.

The only app that’ll connect you with your favourite Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire salons & freelancers (and those you’ve not discovered yet) ALL IN ONE PLACE. Hassle-free, and super-easy to use.