Why I stopped thinking and started doing! – A guide to navigating through challenging times

I love coming up with ideas, challenging the status quo and attempting to think outside the box. Peoples minds have always fascinated me, how their habits change, why they change and what happens in their environment for that to happen?

This year has been a challenge for us all, there’s no getting away from the constant emotional rollercoaster that we face on a weekly basis. With fluctuating guideline changes having us question if we can spend time with our loved ones or  if  the next month will see us close our business doors again. One thing is for sure, times like these are making it hard to plan ahead.

Therefore, I’ve started taking less time to ponder about business decisions and more time to act. It took me 3 years to take action and launch the BeautyBooker Apps… why? I was scared, fearful of how my idea would be perceived…what if it didn’t work?… what if Id wasted my time?

Of course, looking back now, it was my fears that held me back from making a jumpstart on my progress. None of us may ever be ready to launch a business, but the key is to launch BEFORE you feel ready. Trust the process, I can assure you that you will feel empowered by the journey and learn along the way. Owning a business is not about having all the answers, that takes time and falling over some hurdles! Don’t be scared to fail, its part of the fun of it all!

Planning is challenging, especially in the year that is 2020 but my advice to you is to have mini goals, hold onto that future aspirations, keep them firmly in your sights but have bitesize objectives that you can achieve on a daily/weekly basis. This will feel far more rewarding and you will feel like your moving forward instead of backwards.

For example, do you own a beauty or hair business, and your bookings are looking a bit lighter next week?

Don’t be scared to pick up the phone to those customers who haven’t been in for a while, have a conversation with them, ask how life has been. You’ll be surprised at how far a friendly conversation can go and how well it can transform those columns!


Relationships with people are more important now more than ever, we appreciate the friendly tone of someone else. Some of your customers may live alone, a trip to the salon may be just the pick me up they need. Make a plan to phone 5- 10 customers a week, keep note of how many of those calls you turned into bookings.

 My husband came home last night after meeting one of his friend’s, he said “Kate it was so nice to just have a conversation instead of typing one!”

This year has seen us use our phone’s more than ever and it has enabled us to be connected to everyone that we have been removed from but you cannot beat the real thing! … Make the call!

Which leads me onto my next point – don’t be scared to “take action” or start the business of your dreams. It’s the only way good things will still happen going forward but make sure to do your due diligence and write a solid business plan.

These times WILL pass and at the other end of the rainbow is not just a “new normal”  but possibly a “better one.”

Tune in next week to hear what I’ve recently been up to with BeautyBooker  and what’s still to come in the months ahead.


Kate x

Founder & Managing Director of BeautyBooker Limited


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