Tips and tricks for perfect makeup and eyebrows with Varvara Tabutarova

Tabutarova Varvara is a popular Russian make-up artist and brow specialist, who lives in Saint Petersburg. She won multiple contests and championships for make-up, and at the moment she owns a make-up school, along with a line of make-up brushes. We thank her for accepting to talk for the blog column ”Beauty Talk Worldwide”, where she shared her story but also gave us tricks and tips for both beautiful makeup and eyebrows.

Q: Thank you for your time. Could you please introduce yourself to the Beauty Booker UK audience?

A: I am Tabutarova Varvara – make-up artist and brow master, teacher and owner of the make-up and eyebrows school ”Tabu Makeup School”.

Q:  How has your passion for beauty started?

A: Since childhood, I was studying at an art school, and after that, I got a degree in Fashion Design.

Q:  What was the biggest achievement of your career?

A: The victory at the Russian championship Nevskie Berega, at an international level.

Q: Russian women are well-known for their beauty. What are the beauty standards in Russia?

A: The woman who takes care of herself and her looks, with beautiful eyebrows and light makeup.

Q: What are the differences between Russian women and the ones from other countries?

A: The Russian women wear eyelashes extensions, they take care of their eyebrows and wear makeup daily. The women from Russia have an exaggerated desire for beauty.

Q: How have beauty standards in Russia changed over the years?

A: They changed for the better, the natural look is back in trends, despite the fact that the physical aspect still receives a lot of attention.

Q: You are a famous make-up artist and brow artist in Saint Petersburg. How is the beauty industry in Russia?

A: The beauty industry is changing very often when it comes to trends, and we have to keep up with them.

Q: Many women are confused when they want to get more into make-up, such as what products should they choose. What advice do you have for a woman who has just started getting into make-up?

A: I advise you to make a personal selection of cosmetics and to also go to a self-makeup lesson.

Q: What are the biggest mistakes that might ruin our make-up?

A: When everything is ”too much”, such as too dark shadows, eyelashes too big, eyebrows too thick etc.

Q: What do you think about high-end make-up products vs. drugstore make-up?

A: The high-end brands are a necessity for women to confirm their status. However, there are some good drugstore brands too.

Q: Can you share with us some of your tips and tricks for long-lasting, beautiful make-up?

A: You should use a toner, according to the skin type, a primer, the right shade of lipstick and also a good-quality mascara, that will not have any fallout.

Q: What make-up brands do you recommend?

A: Personally, I love Manly Pro, Dior, Tom Ford and Beauty bomb ( a drugstore brand).

Q: What are the make-up trends for 2021?

A: The trends are natural eyebrows, eyeliner and colourful tones.

Q: Your speciality is brows. What advice do you have about brow care?

A: You should go to a professional for the colouring process and to adjust the shape of your brow. Also, you should use a brow gel for them and contour only slightly their shape.

Q:  What should we do if we ruined our brow shape?

A: Do not touch the tweezer! Moreover, apply a special serum for the growth of your eyebrows.

Q: What do you think about the lamination of the brows?

A: The lamination of the eyebrows can be a beautiful procedure for styling your eyebrows, however, there is a risk for the eyebrows to get burnt. It is important to go to a professional for this beauty service.

Q: What beauty means to you?

A: It means harmony in everything and a feeling of right proportions.

Thank you for your time, Varvara!  Keep up the good work!

You can find Tabutarova Varvara on Facebook and Instagram :

Instagram: @varvara_tabu

Facebook: Varvara Tabutarova

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