The answer to fluffy brows is here!

Why TVT brow lamination is your next beauty treatment.

Over the past few months I have religiously been combing my eyebrows every day in order to achieve that bold fluffy brow look. With thanks to my trusty ‘NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eye Brow Gel’ (available at Boots for £6.50) I was able to achieve this with multiple applications of the clear gel as my day went on. However, once I had seen this new trend advertised within salons all over Aberdeen, I instantly knew I had to try this one out!

TVT Brows or brow lamination is a treatment which aims to give Thickness, volume and texture to your own eyebrows, hence the treatments name. The final look of your eyebrows will be fuller and more defined. To prepare for this treatment, I personally let my eyebrows grow out slightly more than the usual amount of time I would go without waxing them, although, this does not need to be the case. Any brow shape or length can receive the latest treatment as long as you do not pluck your eyebrows to the bare minimum!

Before I went for the treatment, I had not done much research into the process, I had only gone off of Instagram posts and customer reviews, so I didn’t know what to expect. The usual questions went through my mind, will this hurt? How long will this take? Am I going to suit this? Once I arrived at my appointment I was greeted instantly and put at ease about all the questions I had. The three key things that stuck with me in regards to maintaining my brows after the treatment was:

  1. Keep your brows moisturised as much as possible, as after the treatment it is a possibility that your brows may dry out a tad.
  2. A clear mascara is essentially better to use on your eyebrows in comparison to the thickness of a brow gel.
  3. TVT brows will last on an average of 6 weeks if you keep up the maintenance. During these 6 weeks you are strongly advised to avoid other eyebrow treatments, e.g. lamination and microblading.

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 So, the question you are all probably wondering, how does this work? Your brow tech / beautician will apply a chemical solution to your eyebrows and leave this to set. Once set your technician will spread their magic giving your brows definition by straightening out the hairs and making them appear more upward. Whether you wish to tint / wax your brows after the process is up to customer preference, however, I felt this made my eyebrows look tidier and fuller. 

If you feel this treatment is for you, I would 100% recommend this to anyone thinking of trying it out. In the end who doesn’t want slaying brows? 

Abbie x

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