Simple, but life-changing hair care advice

DISCLAIMER: If you want more advice from a professional, please book a consultation with a hairdresser.


If we previously talked in ”Beauty Journal by A.G.” about skincare, today our blog column is moving on to another important part of our beauty journey: haircare.


And right at this point, another disclaimer has to be made: the hair is as important as our skin!  Why? Because each part of our body matters!  Just because our hair is not as delicate as the skin or because it will grow back, it does not mean that we shouldn’t invest in it or pay attention to its needs. Many women say: ‘I don’t care about hair, it will grow back anyway if something goes wrong.”


Or another common scenario among women is to spend a lot of money on products that you want them to repair and fix everything, thinking that you will have amazing hair just if you put a spray on it. So you would have amazing hair without doing anything else, in only 5 minutes.


Sometimes we are willing to pay even 100 pounds for a product if it is promising us on the packaging to save our hair in 5 minutes. And most of the times, our hair still doesn’t look as good as we want. What is the problem here?


We are willing to pay whatever amount of money for a product to fix our hair for us, but we don’t dedicate our time to do the basic haircare steps correctly or ask ourselves what do we do wrong. We just put every product in our hair in a rush and that’s it, but we don’t dedicate our time to its care properly. It is good to invest in more expensive products, but it has to be a wise purchase, appropriate for your hair type and applied also properly on it.

For instance, you just paid 50 pounds on a hair mask, but you don’t wash your hair correctly. Or even worse, you know how to wash your hair properly, but you say that you don’t have time for each step, so you rush yourself.


Recently, I heard someone talking about self-care and he said something that has changed my perspective when it comes to our daily lives. Long story short, he mentioned that we spend so much time in traffic, arguing with other people, or scrolling on Facebook and Instagram, but we do not give ourselves time or invest in our person, both financially and emotionally. We are always ready to go, even if sometimes we don’t know where. We spend time and energy on things that, at the end of the day, they don’t matter.


Coming back to our topic, hair care, we all had this feeling at some point that we don’t know what to do anymore to our hair to listen to us, and we don’t know what we do wrong.

In today’s article: ”Simple, but life-changing hair care advice”, we will go back to take a look at the basic hair care steps and analyze a bit the situation, but also talk about the most common mistakes that might be the ones ruining your hair right now. 


1.Know your hair structure and texture!

This is an essential step that can ruin or help the entire haircare process. A very common misunderstanding is that hair structure and hair texture are the same thing, when in fact they are completely different. Hair texture means the natural shape or pattern of your strands. If you don’t know in which category you belong, let your hair dry naturally and observe what shape it takes. The usual categories are straight, wavy, curly or coily.


Wavy hair                                                      Straight hair

Curly hair                                                     Coily hair


On the other hand, the hair structure means the thickness of the strands. There are three main categories: fine, medium (or normal) and coarse (thick) hair.



2.Use the appropriate products for your hair type!

The needs of your hair are influenced by its structure and texture. Many people are using hair care products that do not meet their needs. For instance, a conditioner created for curly hair will not be useful to a person with straight, fine hair.

Moreover, the shampoo is made to treat first the scalp, not the length! As an example, sometimes women, if they have the length and the ends of the hair really dry, they buy also a shampoo dedicated to dry hair! Even if at first it makes sense, there is a problem. Your scalp can get oily a lot quicker, and if you already have an oily scalp, of course, it’ll get worse. Shampoos for dry hair are suitable for people with a dry scalp too!  The first and the main purpose of the shampoo is to treat the scalp, not the entire hair. For the length, there are conditioners and masks.



3. Take your time to wash your hair correctly!



Washing your hair correctly is the most important step in the hair care routine. First, brush your hair before washing to prevent tangling. If you have very damaged hair, it is recommended to put a bit of conditioner/mask in a bottle with a bit of water and spray on the length, to prevent any possible tangling or additional damage to the hair. If you have normal hair, you can brush it normally.

After the brushing step, you water your scalp and the entire length with lukewarm water. You apply shampoo in the hands and massage the palms between each other until you obtain a bit of foam, and then apply it on your scalp. We wash the scalp, not the hair, as the hair will wash anyway itself with the shampoo foam that falls on it.

Then, you wait for your shampoo at least 2-3 minutes each time, to make sure it is making its job. Another common mistake is that many people don’t wait for their products to work.

After you shampoo two times and rinse, you wrap your hair in a towel and gently pat around to let it absorb the water. Then, you apply the conditioner/hair mask only on the length and ends, not on the scalp, and use a comb to detangle it and make sure that the product is reaching every part of your hair. When brushing, start at a lower level to avoid the scalp.

The next step is to wait between 5-10 minutes for the conditioner/hair mask to work, then rinse. Make sure it is rinsed properly, so take your time! A good way to figure out if it is rinsed properly is to check if your hair makes a ”squeaky” sound when you touch it.

Do not rub the towel on your hair to try to make it dry faster, but pat it gently! Then, follow up with thermic protection if you will use any heating tools.

P.S: Don’t sleep with your hair wet!


4. Do not brush your hair excessively! And clean your brushes after use!



If you have straight or wavy hair, you should brush your hair only once per day. If you have curly or coily hair, to avoid any possible frizz, you should do it only before washing your hair. A common mistake is to brush excessively the hair, which is wrong, as this process can become a mechanic stress to the hair and, in time, even affect it.

Also, do not forget to clean your brushes after use, with water and soap! All the dirt, sebum and build-up from the hair go on the brush after use, so it is mandatory to clean them.


5. Don’t tie/braid your hair excessively! 

Just as brushing too much, keeping your hair tied all the time in a pony-tail or braided can become a mechanic stress if you are overdoing it.


6. Invest in your hair and choose a good hairdresser, even if it can be a bit more expensive!

    You know what they say, cheap price, cheap work.


In the end, haircare is a journey. But to make it beautiful and successful, we have to start with the basics and do our research beforehand! Keep taking care of your hair until next time!


                                                                                                                                                             For the love of hair,
                                                                                                                                                     Beauty Booker and A.G.






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