Ladies: Must read for the men in your life!


DISCLAIMER: If you have any concerns about your skin or your overall health, please visit a doctor.


If you are a man and you clicked on this article, congratulations! You are already halfway there in your skincare journey! Why? Because we all know that one of the hardest things in the world is to convince a man to get into skincare, for many reasons.

If you are a female reader, read out loud this article to your male friend, boyfriend or husband!


Luckily, many teenagers and young men start to understand that their skin needs a bit of care and protection too! Until now, in most of the cases, the only guys who knew something about skincare were, unfortunately, the ones who suffered because of acne or other skin conditions and they had to treat it. As a result, they had to know how to take care of their face and prevent those problems from happening again.


But it is not the same case with men who don’t have any skin concern. Even if it is a bit dry or oily, it is fine for them. They accept these facts instead of correcting them, under The Holy Male Principle: ”No problem, no skincare”. Another popular belief is that some men consider skincare only ‘‘a female thing” or a way to uselessly spend your money.


But the saddest case is when boys or men want to take care of their skin and start learning about it, but they are made fun of or pointed with the finger, so they give up before even starting because they get bullied.


Skincare is about health, not a luxury or a ”female thing”. It is an important organ of our body, just like the heart or brain, and it is our responsibility to protect it. And as with any other part of our body, if it is not taken care of, eventually it will stop functioning properly. Maybe not right now, but in time for sure.


Today’s article: ”Ladies: Must read for the men in your life!’‘ will easily explain to you everything worth knowing when it comes to male skincare journey, with no complications.


1.First step: Skin type

Before going to buy your skincare products, you should be aware of your skincare type. There are six types: normal, oily, dry, sensitive, combination and mature skin. These categories are only general, but each person is different. You can have for instance oily and sensitive skin, or dry skin prone to acne. If you want more information on this topic, you can check the previous article: ”Do you know your skin type?”. For even more details about this aspect, you can also go to see a dermatologist that will clarify the situation.


2. Second step: cleanse, moisturize and put sunscreen on.

There are many types of skincare products. With a lot of brands and options, it is normal to feel confused. However, each product does the same thing for a woman as it does for a man. For instance, if you buy a cleanser to wash your face with, it does not mean that it does a different thing for a woman than for a man. Each category of product has the same purpose, no matter gender.

Now, what are the essential steps? Well, cleanse, moisturize and put sunscreen on, no matter what your skin type is! If you follow all these three steps, you will be more than fine. Cleanse and moisturize your face both day and night, and during the day you have to put sunscreen on, no matter if it is sunny or cloudy outside, winter or summer. Sunscreen is the best protection against ageing!

One burning question that some man can ask is: ”Can I use the same skincare products as a woman does?’‘, the answer is: yes. Indeed, there are some differences between men and women when it comes to their skin working process. The men’s oil glands are more active than women’s, so they have more moisture in the skin.

Also, men have their skin thicker by approximately 25% than women, because of the higher quantity of collagen in their bodies. So, the ageing process happens slower for a man, but at a younger age. Whereas for a woman, the process happens later but more sudden, the ageing process is accelerated by changes such as menopause.

However, despite the skin differences, many skincare companies nowadays create unisex products, so there are options.


3. Third step: Be gentle to your skin!


Yes, you have to be gentle with your skin from now on and give it the respect it deserves! So no more rubbing the towel while drying your face, but pat it gently.

Moreover, the towel has to be religiously changed, as it can be a place for bacteria if not changed regularly. The best way to do it is to keep a separate towel for your face and another one for your body. Also, pillowcases and bedsheets should be changed often too.


4.Fourth step: Always ask for advice when in doubt!


Sometimes men can be shy when it comes to asking for help! However, anytime when you are in doubt about anything, and this includes skincare too, you can always ask someone to guide you: a doctor, your sister or mother, even a consultant at a beauty shop or pharmacist!


5. Fifth step: Stop listening to mean comments!


If someone tries to make fun of you because you want to start learning about skincare as a man, ignore them and think about your health first. You will still have beautiful skin when you will get older, thanks to the products and your patience when you were young, whereas all the other males around you will have wrinkles and dry skin, as a dried grape.


Be patient and good luck with your skincare research! For more information, you can always check the previous articles.



In the end, skincare is a journey. But to make it beautiful and successful, we have to start with the basics and do our research beforehand! Stay glowy and healthy until next time!

                                                                                                                                                             For the love of skin,
                                                                                                                                                     Beauty Booker and A.G.



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