How do I improve my makeup game?

DISCLAIMER: If you want more advice and information, please talk to a beauty professional.


If the previous articles from ”Beauty Journal by A.G.” were about skincare and haircare, this is the last stop of the beauty journey: makeup. 

And everyone who has used makeup products at least once in their lives will relate very much to this article.

No matter if you wear makeup on a daily basis, or only on special occasions, a lot of people have been going through the moments when they followed all the steps required, yet their makeup doesn’t look as good as they were expecting. So, there remains only one question: what am I doing wrong?

In today’s article: ” How do I improve my makeup game?”, we will be looking into the most common mistakes that can ruin your makeup, but also advice on how to improve it.


1.Bad skincare routine!



Most of the time, when our face doesn’t look as good as expected with makeup, we tend to blame the makeup product: ”This foundation looks cakey on my skin!” is only one example. But do you have a proper skincare routine? Do you exfoliate and moisturize your lips enough? Sometimes the makeup doesn’t look right on our faces because we don’t take care of it enough. A foundation will always look good on healthy skin, or a matte lipstick on moisturized before lips.

Of course, sometimes the makeup product simply does not work for you, but make sure that you follow all the skincare steps before putting the blame on it. Our face is like a canvas for the makeup, if it is clean and you take care of it, all the makeup products will look amazing on it.


2.Choose the right foundation!



The foundation is an essential part of the makeup process. And there are some criteria you should keep in mind before choosing it, such as: what is your skin type, tone and undertone. The skin types are oily, combination, normal, dry, sensitive and mature. For instance, if your face is dry, you should go for a hydrating foundation. On the other hand, if your skin is oily, you should choose a mattifying foundation.

If you want more information on this topic, check the previous article: ”Do you know your skin type?”.

Skin tone means the skin colour on the surface, whereas the skin undertone represents the subtle hue underneath the surface. The skin tone is given by the quantity of melanin in the epidermis.

The most common categories of skin tones are dark, medium, fair and light, and the undertones are warm, neutral and cool. Most people have the biggest problems determining their undertones but there are some very helpful and easy methods to figure it out.

The first one would be the colour of your veins. If they are blue, you have a cool undertone, whereas if they are green, it is a warm one. But what if we have both? Well, you are neutral.

Another test could be the jewellery: if the silver looks more flattering on you, it means that you have cool undertones, whereas if gold suits you better, you have a warm undertone. And if both of them looks equally good on you, then you have a  neutral undertone.

Keep all these aspects in mind before choosing your foundation!


3. Less is more even in makeup!



Sometimes our makeup does not look good because we use too much or we don’t take our time to apply it correctly! Maybe you use too much eyeshadow and you don’t blend it enough, or too much foundation. And all these things combined can take you farther away from beautiful makeup. So take your time to apply it correctly and to blend everything right, by using smaller quantities of makeup at first.


4.Use the right brushes!


Invest in a good set of brushes and use them for the purpose-designed! For example, if you are using a brush created to apply foundation to put on highlighter, it will be harder to get the right quantity of product in the right spot. So, try to use them correctly! Luckily, many brands nowadays mention what brush to use for the different stages of makeup: foundation brush, concealer brush, etc.


6. Primers/Fixing spray

Makeup primers and fixing sprays can actually make a difference, so it is definitely a thing to look at if you want to improve your game when it comes to long-lasting, beautiful makeup.


7.Quality vs. quantity



It will be always better to invest in four makeup products, even if they can be more expensive, rather than having ten products that are nothing special. Moreover, if you do the math, all the money you spent on those ten basic makeup products are the same as when you would have bought four expensive ones.

So, if you remember all these aspects, for sure you will improve your make up at least a bit in no time.


In the end, makeup is a journey. But to make it beautiful and successful, we have to start with the basics and do our research beforehand! Keep improving your makeup game until next time!


                                                                                                                                                             For the love of makeup,
                                                                                                                                                     Beauty Booker and A.G.





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