Hitting Pause When Its Hard To Stay Still …

Its no secret… I hit the pause button in July, after a weeks stay in ARI with viral meningitis . What I didn’t know back then is that I’d still be recovering come November!

For anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t take to staying still too well! … this time I had to. Having Crohn’s & Inflammatory arthritis means things can be a bit more trickier to bounce back these days.

Since the start of 2021,  I have been working on a brand new booking concept that will showcase anyone and everyone. The importance has and always will be to give all hair and beauty professional’s a platform out with social media to showcase their talents – a space away from the pesky algorithm’s to shine!

The main challenge emerging out of the  lockdowns was coming up with a concept that would incorporate the numerous booking systems that the majority of salons and individuals now use. The industry basically went digital overnight!

But in a world where we have so many talented industry professional’s without a website, without SEO and no dedicated space to create a blog to tell us about their skills, it became apparent we needed a data search engine of our own!

So the plans are in the pipeline and I am so excited to start development of this is the new year.

So whats on the cards until then? …

The BeautyBooker Premises Finder is continuing to be updated with the latest premises to rent within Scotland.

The BeautyBooker Training Hub is live and courses are available to book in Glasgow & Edinburgh, we will be actively signing up new training providers in the new year. Please contact info@beautybooker.app for more joining information if you are a training provider.

The BeautyBooker Facebook Covid 19 Support Group is open to any industry professional looking to seek advice or support with anything industry related. We are now nearing 1.8K members.

And me …. well I hope I can ditch the crutches permanently soon, until then I just have to be patient! Some days are better than others but for the majority, its still a struggle.

So for anyone facing a challenging time, be it in your personal life or your health. Remember to take it one step at a time, make time for you. Rest if you need to and most importantly… Be kind to yourself.


Lots of Love


Founder of BeautyBooker Limited

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