For the love of make-up with Tom Sapin


Tom Sapin is one of the most popular make-up artists in France and he is a source of inspiration, both because of the make-up looks signed by him, but as well his success story in the beauty industry. He decided to pursue his childhood passion and trusted his judgement, and the results appeared in no time. Sapin rose through the ranks and became an internationally recognized artist. His work was present in fashion editorials and shows. Sapin is very respected both in the French and international make-up industry.

We thank him for accepting to take off a bit of time from his busy schedule and decided to speak for the ”Beauty Talk Worldwide’‘ blog column, to share with us his story and passion for beauty.


Q: Could you introduce yourself to the Beauty Booker UK audience?

A: I am Tom Sapin, I’m a make-up artist based in Paris, born and raised in France. And I am very passionate about make-up.



Q: How did you start your beauty career?

A: When I was a kid, I was going to the bathroom at home, close the door and opening the drawers with the make-up of my mother and sister and start painting on the toilet, bathtub, and on almost everything else, which was driving my mother crazy. My meeting with make-up happened when I was really, really young and I’ve been always interested in it since I was a kid. I was also interested in special effects and beauty overall. I wanted to be a special effects make-up artist when I was younger.

After starting university, I studied Literature and English, I realised that I didn’t like it, I hated it. So, after six months I decided to take a step back and look at what I was interested in doing. As a result, I decided to start as a make-up artist and I moved to Paris, to go to the make-up school. I did one year of make-up school and after I started working with M.A.C. At first, my decision was to start working with M.A.C only for a couple of months and to learn about the industry. I never quitted M.A.C, I’ve been staying with them for 15 years, and since 10 years ago I am the spokesperson for the brand, both in France and worldwide.




Q: What makes you unique as a make-up artist?

A: I love so much to help people build strong self-confidence, thanks to make-up. It is really a thing that is a signature for me, and this is something that would always make me feel emotional. I feel emotions when I see that the person is enhancing and building self-confidence just with a few hints of colour on her face. It is a sensation that I will never get bored of, to see, play and experiment with make-up, with my clients.



Thank you for your time, Tom!  Keep up the good work!


You can find Tom Sapin on Facebook and Instagram :

Instagram: @tomsapin

Facebook: Tom Sapin

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