A Virtual Cup of Coffee with Scottish Enterprise.

Recently, the founder of BeautyBooker, Kate Stott, sat down with Scottish Enterprise to discuss the BeautyBooker journey so far.

BeautyBooker is an iOS mobile-based application, providing access to hundreds of appointments with hair and beauty professionals locally. The company wanted to find a way to promote local businesses that were out with the realms of social media and developed a simple to use convenient, directory.

In 2 sentences describe your business to someone you’ve never met.

“How often do we pick up the phone to order a takeaway these days? Hardly Ever. We have applied the same methodology to booking your hair and beauty appointments.”

What support did you get from the innovation team at Scottish Enterprise?

“I have found the support from Scottish Enterprise invaluable, particularly of late as we rely so heavily on marketing the business digitally. Scottish Enterprise’s innovation team awarded me funding for a digital innovation expert which allowed me to look at the business over our various digital channels and make improvements through the course of two very informative days.”

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? Pay it forward and pass on one piece of useful advice to other companies… Go!

“I am a firm believer of no having no regrets, like many businesses – every stage of the BeautyBooker journey has been a learning curve. From my ‘light bulb moment’, right the way through to our second version of the app build, the journey has been challenging and equally rewarding.

As a brand-new tech concept to the area, it can be daunting at times, but I have huge backing from my local elevator hub and ONE CodeBase, without whom I would not have the support and encouragement to drive the business forward to its current stage.

I would advise any new business owner to be curious and never stop learning. Don’t be scared to ask questions, be bold and don’t ever lose sight of your business goals.

Look after yourself too, take one day at a time.”

What’s next on the horizon for the business?

“We are at a very exciting stage within BeautyBooker; having just launched version 2 of the BeautyBooker app, as well as our new BeautyMaker app which allows Hair & Beauty professionals to update their appointment availability in real-time, we also have plans to advance the tech even further beyond mobile applications. We will continue to grow our brand as the ultimate in hair & beauty inspiration, with plans to expand nationally and, eventually, internationally.”

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