A Coffee Date with Suz Bird From Bird & Emmy

Recently Kate Stott, Founder of BeautyBooker caught up with Suz Bird (Business Social Media Queen) to discuss all things BeautyBooker and what lies ahead for Beauty Tech!


In lieu of not being able to meet Kate for one of our real coffee dates or even the lunch we had been planning pre-lockdown; a coffee date Q&A for you all is definitely the next.best.thing. I’ve already spent a fair amount of time with Kate talking social media, technology, start-ups and about everything else in between; but even though I know the scoop, I still got pretty excited reading Kate’s answers to the questions I had sent over.

It’s like social media and business technology nerd alert heaven; with trend predictions, repurposing content, crushing on Twitter and Clubhouse and using social media to support an industry and lobby for change. I suggest a coffee and a biscuit before reading this one!

Meet Kate.

Kate Stott is the Founder and MD of BeautyBooker®and the BeautyBooker® Training Hub, she’s also the Scottish Business Woman of the Year 2019, Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 and Founder of Most Innovative Hair & Beauty App -UK 2020! We met via connecting on Instagram after we have been at the same event in the One Tech Hub in Aberdeen late 2019 (P.S I love these coffee dates when I can tell you that I met some cool person via social media, it is one of my favourite things about the platforms!).

Tell us about your work – BeautyBooker® and the BeautyBooker® Training Hub?

Hello Suz, and thanks for inviting me for a virtual coffee!

It all started with an endless search for a last-minute nail appointment 5 years ago; the task was time consuming and frustrating and highlighted that there was a gap in the market to quickly access beauty appointments and services. I felt that there had to be a better way and that innovation and digital technology could play that part! In 2019 we launched the first of 2 iOS apps – BeautyBooker® and BeautyMaker. This dual approach allowed us to launch available appointments in real-time and give the autonomy to our industry professionals allowing them to advertise their own availability to the BeautyBooker® user base.

Our aim over the next 5 years is to provide Hair and Beauty Industry professionals with a next-generation digital platform which accommodates promotion of their businesses, services and products, a simplified and automated booking system for clients; and a support hub for industry advice, recruitment, training, chair rental, procurement and related professional advisory services.

To read the full article, please click here.

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